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About Us  is a service provided by Ashtavinayaka company.

WHO – The Philosophy behind Swayom

Swayom (Swa + Om) - a simple word with a lot of meaning. Swayom is about expressing one’s individuality through universal art forms. Swayom believes that these art forms have the power to cut across the barriers of geographies, cultures and languages. These art forms, be it Warli painting, Dokra jewellery or Kantha work, enable us, the individuals, to express ourselves the way we want to.

WHAT – The Idea of Swayom

Since the beginning of time, humans have used art forms as a primal mode of expression. An apparel or a piece of jewellery adorning a lady can tell a lot about her taste, character and mood. No wonder that even in today’s world of innumerable factory made options, people still appreciate that eclectic, unique, handcrafted artifact that sets them apart. It is our endeavor to make it convenient for you to have access to myriad and stupendous array of accessories and adornments found all over India – from north to south and from east to west. We have hand-picked pieces that are ethnic yet have a timeless appeal, to express the special you.

WHY – The Craft of Swayom

We have always believed in the power of creation. Donning the role of the creator himself, the artist uses everyday materials such as wood, clay, metal, fiber, subjects them to a little moulding, some painting, a twist here, a thread there, adds a little sunshine, a little water and some air to create extraordinary masterpieces. We bring you amazing, unique, handcrafted art forms from across the country.

WHERE – The Experience of Swayom

Swayom is an outcome of the persistence of a team of young minds to promote art forms which are losing relevance due to lack of knowledge about them. Our endeavor in this respect is to breathe new life into such ethnic arts and handicrafts that are otherwise regionally limited and to give them a wider exposure. In doing so, however; we ensure that these art forms are classic yet contemporary and possess great aesthetics. We combine these with a service designed to delight you with our offerings. So find that ‘wow’ piece from our online catalogue and order TODAY!